All In one Organic Fertilizers And Pesticides

We manufacture natural and organic nutrition boosters, growth enhancers & bio stimulants for your plants. Our Mission is to revive the organic carbon content and microbial growth in our soil. By using WVI, you can have a beautiful farm or garden that is fertilized naturally.

Benefits of Wood Vinegar

Organic Fungicide

Wood vinegar acts as a natural fungicide helping to control fungus in plant which keeps them healthy and protect them from diseases such as white rot, black spot, angular limb disease (ALD), and brown patch

Bio Fertilizer

Wood Vinegar is 100% natural and made from renewable resources. It improves the nutritional quality of the soil, promotes healthy root growth, and keeps the roots well aerated, which results in stronger growth

Natural Pesticide

Wood vinegar also acts as a natural pesticide which helps in pest control in plants without any harm. Wood vinegar is affordable biodegradable pesticide and can be used in small as well as large scale farming

Complete Guide

Learn How To Use Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar is extremely simple to use on small as well as on large scale. Just mix  ( for fertilizer –5 ml ) or ( for pesticide-20 ml ) of wood vinegar in one liter of water and spray it directly on your plants. To get the best results for your kitchen garden, use it every week. You can watch detailed step wise process in the video or click on the read more button for detailed step wise blog for large scale farms and Gardens.


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